by Mike Weiner


What’s the difference between sales professionals these days?  Ability to sell is no longer enough.  Ability to communicate corporate bla bla bla is no longer enough.  Ability to “push hard” is no longer the norm.

Buyers are different now.  Buyers are busy.  Buyers are metric driven.  Buyers need value.

The difference for sales professionals is the skill to have vision to put yourself where the market will be in the future.  Set personal professional goals by learning and listening to customers.  Build plans to position yourself to where “the sale” will be in the future.  Know where “the sale” has been in the past – the past should not guide you.  Future thinking professionals understand the need of positioning and relationship development.  Future thinking professionals have strong vision and analytical skills to look at small market changes seeing opportunity and grasping it no matter what.

A few years ago I looked at blogging and LinkedIn as a way to increase visibility for my own brand of sales focus.  Building relationships and sharing info.  A few years ago this trend was just starting.  By leveraging relationships and sharing experiences through story telling and blogging this creates a warmer sales environment and a more positive entry point to the sale – now everyone is talking about this, user-experience, collaboration etc… it’s the norm for forward thinking professionals.

Who wants to be sold to? No one.  Who needs help and guidance, whether a complex project or an easy source of info to a nagging question – everyone.

I’ve done my best to position myself as a source of information to all.  More info than many other sales reps care to share.  In the age of digital and internet media, this info is a massive source of learning.  For me and for customers, most information is available online – it really is if you look hard enough.

So what makes me different and why should you care?  I look to collaborate, help your company grow and offer honesty as the passion-driven basis of my sale – what else is there in 2014?

-share info, build relationships-



by Mike Weiner

Simple concept – new world supply chain, logistics and global trade requires what?

Partnership, collaboration between customer and service provider. It really is that simple.
Dispense with the quoting and costing models and let’s get down to business making combined efforts to get your product from Point A to Point B as quickly and cost effectively as possible mitigating risks at every stage. Make this happen and we all will succeed – customer and service provider.

Simple concept? Let’s not make it complicated!

“share info, build relationships”


by Mike Weiner

Is this a hard process? Has someone told you it is? What’s the process? Agree to the rates? Get an official signature from a corporate signing officer in your company, sign off on a General Agency Agreement/ Power of Attorney (most are standard forms used industry wide) and review database and other pertinent info I’ve commented on in other blog posts – not difficult really?

Is your broker providing top level value, is concerned about compliance and is a collaborative partner and link in your supply chain reducing your trade risk?

If not maybe it’s time for a review and rethink?

“share info, build relationships”


by Mike Weiner

Why shift the focus from selling to collaboration? FYI, customers have changed. As the stat goes, 70% of customers have made up their minds before the purchase – 70% of customers are EMPOWERED by social media tools such as websites, Twitter, Facebook, Wiki and Google. In logistics, a VAST percentage of services are equal, pricing aside – so where is the differentiating factor? Where does this leave the sale?

Why shift from selling to collaboration?

Collaboration provides VALUE. Everyone likes VALUE – VALUE is the new hot “buzz word.”

Pre-sale VALUE provides insight to the seller making the “future purchase experience” a different experience.

A different logistics purchasing experience deepens the connection between seller and customer.

A different logistics purchasing experience qualifies and vets the current and future sale in the buyer’s eyes.


IDEAS to drive simplicity into your logistics environment (K.I.S.S.)

SOLUTIONS to drive change (LEAN and other methodologies)

RELATIONSHIPS to drive the future

RELATIONSHIPS to drive collaborative vision

Let’s face it, logistics has changed. THE LOGISTICS SALE is now about help, sharing and collaboration – a different world.

So when considering your next logistics procurement and purchase, consider VALUE and COLLABORATION. Not because I said so, because it’s important to you.

-share info, build relationships-


So the saying goes something like this,

“Your shipment will get to the ultimate international destination as quickly as your docs get there”.

No documents, no international customs clearance – doesn’t matter to where you ship or from where your goods come – no documents, no customs clearance – no product.

Let’s take this process a little bit further now – documents arrive with the freight. Is all good?? Maybe not!!

I’ve worked for many freight forwarders and logistics providers for over 30 years – multi-national and niche. Guess how many will export and actually check over your documents to ensure all data is there for international customs clearance at destination? How many know what is needed at destination? Sure a MIGRA GUIDE is used to determine what docs are needed BUT is all info present on your documentation to make customs clearance a smooth process for your customer?  What issues do your customers have when clearing customs in countries like Chile, Brazil, Nigeria, Australia or Russia?

Conversely on the importation to Canada what data is missing on vendor supplied invoices and backup paperwork to cause customs clearance issues?  How many times has your broker called you to review your import documents?  Are they correct?  Correctly classified?  All data fields correct?

Why are all the data elements of completing commercial documentation so hard? Many data elements on docs? Complex requirements? Lack of knowledge in the shipping departments? Lack or responsibility and ownership? Lack of time or training? All of the above and more?

What is your organization’s reasons behind UNCONTROLLED DOCUMENTATION COMPLIANCE and formalized process? Do you think delays are a part of doing business? Is this a MAJOR CORPORATE RISK? What would happen if you put together a formalized documentation process plan – inbound and outbound? Is documentary correctness and compliance on your radar ? Does it need to be?

The answer is YES!

-share info, build relationships-


by Mike Weiner

Why I share info and collaborate as a Business Development rep! Why you need to?

Like helping people?

Educate my client base

Provide my client base with new ideas

Share current trends I am seeing in the market

Social media is a wonderful tool to get ideas out

Market differentiation in a crowded space – “Blue Ocean” positioning

Other people share other people’s ideas – do they share their OWN original content?


Do you need to share what you believe in and are passionate about?

-share info, build relationships-